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Derbyshire Chimney Sweeps

A.S. Chimneys offers chimney sweeping services in South Derbyshire the Peak District and North Staffordshire, including Ashbourne, Wirksworth, Matlock and Belper.

Our team of professionally trained engineers will clean your chimney, service your appliance and issue a certificate of sweeping, this will prolong the lifespan of your system and increase, safety, efficiency and reduce emissions. Whilst we clean we will also will assess the current state of your chimney system to ensure that it is safe to use – if there are issues we will recommend how they can be resolved and undertake the remedial work following on from sweeping, we are not a company who notifies you of issues then leaves you with the problem of sorting them out.

The Need for Annual Inspection

Cleaning your chimney should be an annual event – it should be seen no differently to having your boiler serviced. Cleaning your chimney every year will prevent the build-up of deposits and minimise the risk of blockages which could all lead to the possibility of a chimney fire.

By adopting a yearly cleaning service, you will benefit from an efficiently performing system whilst minimising costly repair work in the future. It is the most cost-effective service to prolong the life cycle of your chimney and fire.

Having your chimney swept at least once a year will ensure:

  • That your chimney and appliance are safe to use
  • That they work efficiently
  • Reduce harmful emissions in the smoke
  • Identify any issues and rectify before they become larger more expensive problems
  • Keep your house insurance valid, its is often a stipulation of home insurance that chimneys are swept annually
  • Advise on fuel usage and burning techniques to maximise economy

Professional Sweeps

A.S.Chimneys are members of APICS ( Association of Professional Independant Chimney Sweeps ) we are a HETAS registered company and members of the Derbyshire Trusted Trader scheme, our sweeps are all NVQ qualified, this means that your chimney will be cleaned by a qualified, experienced sweep who understands how chimneys work and how appliances of all types should be properly and safely fitted, this is becoming ever more important with newer Eco Design Ready stoves and the importance of keeping harmful emissions in smoke to a minimum following from the introduction of the Clean Air Act 2022.

A One-Stop-Shop

When you book A.S. Chimneys you can rest assured that you are choosing one of the best chimney service companies in Derbyshire.

We do everything for you – we inspect your chimney to ensure it is safe and performing efficiently. Then we completely clean and (if required) remove any blockages from the chimney lining. We will sheet up the room and our equipment includes powerful industrial vacuums which means that what may appear to be quite a messy job is in fact, not messy at all. The process normally takes less than one hour so disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

And if we spot a problem?

We are duty-bound as an ethical business to let you know if there are any underlying problems. Most of the time this is not the case, but if for example, we find a problem with your chimney lining, your stove, or your chimney stack, we will let you know straight away and discuss your options, we can quote for and undertake most remedial work. Our primary objective is to ensure that your living environment is safe and there are no hazards likely to affect your health.

Qualifications & Accreditations

All A.S. Chimneys engineers and sweeps are NVQ Level 2 Qualified in Chimney sweeping and/or stove and chimney lining – some are NVQ Level 3 Qualified.

A.S. Chimneys are members of the Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps (APICS) and are approved as solid fuel service engineers and installers by HETAS and hold Acclaim Accredited SSIP certification. We are also members of Derbyshire Council’s trusted trader scheme so you can have complete confidence that we will complete the servicing of your chimney in an efficient, professional and trustworthy manner.

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